The General Service Conference (Timeline)

Composition of the Conference

Voting Members

93 Area Delegates who will always be at least two thirds of the Conference Body.

21 Trustees

14 Class B Trustees (Alcoholic): 8 Regional Trustees, 4 General Service Trustees, 2 Trustees-At-Large
7 Class A Trustees (Non-Alcoholic)

~15 Staff at the General Service Office
Depending on the year 13-15 Staff.
Includes AA members who are assigned to the 12 Staff Desk Assignments

Before the Conference

Delegate On-Boarding

Not officially part of the Conference.

See the sights in New York: GSO, Old Towns Hospital, etc. 

Remote Communities Meeting (online) This non-Conference event is an opportunity to learn how A.A. members across the U.S. and Canada transcend the barriers of geography, language, culture, and life conditions to carry our message to all who seek
it. Each area determines how to apply this definition to
its specific circumstances. Remote Communities can
be found in most, if not all, areas in North America.

This meeting allows delegates to gather and share what Remote Communities work is going on in their area. The delegates can connect with their respective remote communities committees and share on their efforts, either through a presentation or a written submission. The Remote Communicator is created from the written submissions and available after the conference by request.

Area Delegates-Only Meeting (online)
Information for New Area Delegates

Day 1: Sunday

Every day is a very full day, often 9am-9pm, if not longer.

Day 1

Roll Call

Conference Delegates get a BIG Binder including
summary of Conference procedures, roster of every voting member, agenda for Conference Committees, Board Reports, Manager of GSO Report, Grapevine Report, Financial Reports, etc.

Rotating Trustee gives a Keynote Speech

Joint Committee Meetings 
The Conference Committees meet with corresponding Trustee Committees, not to do business or make decisions but to share information.
If a Conference Committees does not have a corresponding Trustee Committee – they will begin their business.

Opening Dinner 
Delegate guests invited
Retired GSO Staff 
All living past Trustees and guests 

AA Meeting with 5 speakers
Speakers include a Staff member, a Trustee, a Director
and Area Delegates.

Day 2: Monday

Day 2

Conference Committees Meet without Trustees (can ask Trustees to come in to help answer questions if needed)

1 Staff Secretary – who’s assignment corresponds to the committee (non-voting). Helps to take notes and to word Committee Recommendations and Considerations.

Will the Committee decide by ⅔ substantial unanimity or simple majority?
How many breaks?
Prioritize the order of the Committee’s agenda topics.

Discuss Agenda Topics Assigned to the Committee

Day 3: Tuesday

Day 3

Conference Committees meet to continue discussion on Agenda Topics to form Committee Recommendations and Considerations to present to the Floor/Full Session. 

Committee will elect Chair and Alternate Chair 

Lunch together as a Conference, unless a Conference Committees need more time, then they will have lunch delivered to their meeting room.

All Reports
Trustee Chair 
AAWS Director
Grapevine Director, etc. 


After Dinner:
Presentations from 1st year Delegates or What’s On Your Mind. 

Days 4-6: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Days 4-6

The Floor (Full/General Session)

Committee Reports
Each Committee has submitted a written report. The Committee Chair reads the report word for word.The Committee Chairs present Committee Recommendations and Considerations. 

Discussion on the Floor
Even if a committee’s report is decisive on a solution to a problem and presents it to the Conference body, the Conference is not obligated to accept it. Once presented by the committee, the matter is discussed and decided upon in general session. 

Before a vote is taken, plenty of time is allotted for full discussion, including questions about the background of a recommendation and the committee’s reasons for coming to its conclusions.

Floor Actions
The committees are not the only source of recommendations for the body to consider and vote on. During the general sessions, members may make recommendations directly from the floor that may not have passed through a particular Conference committee.

The Full Conference Votes
When a recommendation, whether from a committee or through a floor action, is approved in full session with substantial unanimity () it becomes an Advisory Action.

When a recommendation, whether from a committee or floor action, is approved by a majority of the body but falls short of substantial unanimity, it is considered to be a “suggestion” referred to the General Service Board for consideration and possible action.

Day 7: Saturday

Day 7

Closing Breakfast:
Provides an opportunity for goodbyes, and for rotating trustees to say their farewells.

Conclusion of Conference

At the conclusion of the Conference, the Advisory Actions and Suggestions are referred to the trustees and are then sent to either the appropriate trustees’ committee, G.S.O., or the corporate boards for implementation.

Post Conference

After the Conference

Visit to Stepping Stones – the historical home of Bill W. and Lois in Westchester County.

Or a visit to the General Service Office. 

District 04 Santa Clara North