New GSR Orientation

Step 1 Register

Start by filling out the Online Registration Form. Once you register: Your meeting will become known to several levels of A.A.
(don’t worry, you will become familiar with these):

◦ District 04: Santa Clara County North
◦ Area 06: California Northern Coastal Area
◦ GSO: The General Service Office in New York

The GSR Kit which includes the A.A. Service Manual and other service literature will be mailed to you ONLY if you indicate that you’d like a physical copy when registering. These are the main resources for learning about general service.

Step 2: Get Connected

The next step is to get connected:
Find your meeting’s subdistrict (see the District Map page).
◦ What is the subdistrict number?
◦ Who is the DCM?

Contact your DCM. They are a resource who can help you
learn what it means to be a GSR. They can also help you find a
service sponsor.

What is a service sponsor? Like a regular sponsor, a service
sponsor guides you through the ins and outs of general service.
There is a lot to learn, and a service sponsor can not only help
you learn, demystify, and master the material, but also make
your time in general servcie an enjoyable and rewarding

Step 3: Attend Meetings

There are some meetings you should plan to attend:

GSR Orientation:
An orientation session happens 30 minutes before each monthly
District Business Meeting

District Business Meeting:
2nd Wednesday every month at 7:30-9pm.
Zoom: 894-1698-1622 (contact your DCM for the password)

Area Assemblies: These full day HYBRID events include
representatives from all over the California Northern Coastal
Area. There are FOUR throughout the year.

2023 Assembly Dates:
◦ Pre-Conference Assembly (April 1-2, 2023)
◦ Post-Conference Assembly (May 13, 2023, in Richmond)
Summer Assembly (August 12, 2023, in Eureka)
◦ Fall Assembly (November 4, in Monterey)

Step 4: What’s Next?

As a GSR, you have a key role in the communication between your group and A.A. as a whole. You are the link in this two-way flow of information. 

You will need to stay informed about what is happening at the District, Area and General Service Office (GSO). This website is designed as a resource to assist you. 

GSRs regularly make reports to the group. These reports serve as an important link to A.A. as a whole. Your reports may concern information about what’s happening in general service that you think will be of interest to the group.

You are asked to communicate any thoughts from your group’s members on certain topics called motions at both the District and the Area. This is done by taking a group conscience.