District Officers

“Our leaders do not drive by mandate: they lead by example.”

Good leadership originates plans, policies, and ideas for the improvement of our Fellowship and its service. But in new and important matters, it will nevertheless consult widely before taking decisions and actions. Good leadership will also remember that a fine plan or idea can come from anybody, anywhere. Consequently, good leadership will often discard its own cherished plans for others that are better, and it will give credit to the source. . . .(Concept 9)

Service PositionTrusted Servant
District Committee Member Chair (DCMC)Amara G
Alternate District Committee Member Chair (Alt. DCMC)Jon R
RegistrarPatty B
TreasurerAmy M
Recording SecretaryChris W
Online Communications Coordinator (OCC)Mary M
Literature and Grapevine CoordinatorMimi

District 04 Santa Clara North