Map of CNCA 06

California Northern Coastal Area 06 (CNCA06) is one of six A.A. General Service Areas in California, and geographically encompasses 21,427 square miles of coastal counties from the Oregon border in the north, down to San Luis Obispo County. CNCA serves more than 60,000 AA members in 23 Districts.
Each district’s DCM Chairperson (DCMC) and the District Committee Members (DCMs) of our 153 sub-districts serve over 2,100 registered groups via their General Service Representatives (GSRs). The Districts and the Area communicate through liaisons with the Central Offices/Intergroups within CNCA boundaries, as well as with the autonomous Northern California Hospitals and Institutions Committee.

District Information

District Information
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District 01 Monterey

DCMC: Annette C.

District Meeting: 3rd Tuesday 7:00 PM
McGowan House
381 High Street, Monterey, CA 93940

District 05 San Mateo

DCMC: Brent M
District Meeting: Third Tuesday 7:30 PM, GSR Orientation 7:00 PM 

District 04 Santa Clara North