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CommitteesRegional CorrespondenceOther DutiesPresentation (Prepared by D04 Members)
Treatment/Accessibilities Remote Communities Co-secretary, trustees’ Cooperation with the Professional Community/Treatment ‘Accessibilities Committee; secretary, Conference Committee on Treatment/ AccessibilitiesEast CentralLiaison with Remote Communities
Loners/ Internationalists Correspondence
Loners Internationalists Meeting
Conference CoordinatorSecretary, trustees’ Committee on the General Service Conference and Conference Agenda CommitteeSouthwest (June — November)Final Conference Report
Box 4-5-9 (Conference issue)
Cooperation with the Professional Community Co-secretary, trustees’ Cooperation with the Professional Community, Treatment/Accessibilities Committee; secretary, Conference Committee on C.PC.Eastern CanadaAbout A.A.View
Corrections Secretary, Trustees’ and Conference Committees on CorrectionsWestern CanadaSharing From Behind the Walls
Corrections Correspondence Service
Group Services Secretary, Conference Report and Charter Committee; Secretary, A.A.W.S. Technology/Communication/ Services CommitteeWest CentralLiaison with Central Offices & lntergroups
Special International Contacts and Other Twelve Step Fellowships
Service Material and A.A. Guidelines
International Secretary, Trustees International CommitteeInternational (outside U.S./Canada)World Service Meeting Coordinator
World Service Meeting Final Report
Literature Secretary, trustees’ and Conference Literature Committees; secretary, A.A.W.S. Publishing CommitteeSoutheastBox 4-5-9
Spanish and French correspondence (US. and Canada)
Nominating Secretary, Trustees Nominating Committee and Conference Committee on TrusteesPacificView
Public Information Secretary, Trustees and Conference Public Information CommitteesTriennial Membership Survey
Video Public Service Announcements
Audio Public Service Announcements
Regional ForumsCo-secretary, trustees’ and Conference Committees on International Conventions/Regional ForumsNortheastRegional Forum Final ReportsView
Staff CoordinatorSecretary, Conference Policy/Admissions Committee; A.A.W.S. director, assistant secretary, General Service BoardSouthwest (December—May)A.A.W.S. Highlights
Quarterly Report from G.S.O.

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