Sub District Map

The following map shows each of the sub districts within District 04. You can zoom in on a sub district to view the individual meetings within it. Clicking on a pin on the map will give you more details about the meeting including who the current GSR and DCM are.

In Person Meeting with a GSR
In Person Meeting without a GSR
Online Only Meeting
Hybrid Meeting

Current District 04 DCMs

Sub District No. and NameCurrent District Committee Member
Sub District 01: Palo Alto NorthJon R (Acting)
Sub District 02: Palo Alto SouthChris W
Sub District 03: Mountain ViewJon R (Acting)
Sub District 04: Los AltosBev
Sub District 05: North SunnyvaleJon
Sub District 06: Sunnyvale SouthJon
Sub District 07: Santa Clara NorthJon R (Acting)
Sub District 08: Santa Clara SouthAurora
Sub District 09: CupertinoAmara (Acting)
Sub District 10: SaratogaCraig O
Sub District 11: Campbell WestCraig O
Sub District 12: Campbell EastCraig O

District 04 Santa Clara North