Sub District Map

The following map shows each of the sub districts within District 04. You can zoom in on a sub district to view the individual meetings within it. Clicking on a pin on the map will give you more details about the meeting including who the current GSR and DCM are.

District 04 by the Numbers

94 Groups
70 In Person Groups
24 Hybrid Groups
20 GSRs
A custom progress meter
6 Alt GSRs

Current District 04 DCMs

Sub District No. and NameCurrent District Committee Member
Sub District 01: Palo Alto NorthJon R (Acting)
Sub District 02: Palo Alto SouthChris W
Sub District 03: Mountain ViewJon R (Acting)
Sub District 04: Los AltosBev
Sub District 05: North SunnyvaleBrant C
Sub District 06: Sunnyvale SouthBrant C
Sub District 07: Santa Clara NorthJon R (Acting)
Sub District 08: Santa Clara SouthAurora
Sub District 09: CupertinoAmara (Acting)
Sub District 10: SaratogaCraig O
Sub District 11: Campbell WestCraig O
Sub District 12: Campbell EastCraig O