That CNCA continue to provide hybrid functionality for every Area Committee Meeting and Each Assembly

Discussion at the Area Committee Meeting

Presentation: Megan M., DCMC from District 15
During COVID, our Area immediately began meeting on Zoom. Now that we meet in person, it’s great that we can still access Area Assemblies and Area Committee Meetings online. It provides accessibility for people who can’t come in person. A member in our district put forward a motion not long after we came back in person. We never voted on it; it was tabled. District 15 wanted to have hybrid meetings made official.
Q: I’m hard of hearing. Is the motion to make hybrid meetings official?
A: Yes.
Q: I heard the Accessibility Committee chair say they’ve decided to become hybrid and return to Petaluma. Does the motion include the meetings in the morning from 9 am to the ACM?
A: Many are hybrid now, but they’re not included in the motion.
Q: Will there be a way to share best practices and have folks trained on hybrid capabilities?
A: The motion doesn’t address this.
Q: My group is online, and we have members from all over the world. Can an international member be elected as a GSR and participate in the Area?
A: That’s not part of this motion, but it’s a thoughtful idea.
I asked for my group’s conscience, and they decided they should continue hybrid because it’s useful to include more people and their conscience.
Q: Would you consider a friendly amendment to add the standing and subcommittee meetings to this motion?
A: No.
Q: Does this have any reach over individual meetings in our Area?
A: No.
Q: Can you clarify how we would include the subcommittees that meet before the ACM? Would it come in another/separate motion?
A: This motion doesn’t include the subcommittees. It’s just the Area Assemblies and the ACM.
Q: I’m a member of District 07’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accessibility Committee. Would the hybrid meetings be ASL-interpreted? Closed captioning is nice for those whose first language is English, but it’s foreign to those whose first language is ASL. Would an ASL interpreter be provided for Zoom meetings?
A: This is not part of this motion.
Q: Would the district consider a time limit on this? For example, until the end of this panel and the middle of the next panel?
A: I’d have to ask the district, but I think they would say no. It can be changed or rescinded later through another motion.
Q: Is there an intent to change anything about how the area currently practices hybrid?
A: No.
Motion to become New Business at the Pre-Conference Assembly on April 6, 2023.

New Business April 6, 2023

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