Area Discussion about the Participation of Online Groups

At the Conference this year, we discussed how to include virtual groups in the service structure. Currently, groups register in the Area in which the GSR/primary contact resides. 
There are two virtual districts (one in New York and one in Washington state) where some online groups have chosen to register. There have also been conversations about potentially creating one (or more) virtual Areas to serve virtual groups.
At the Area Committee meeting this month (9/23) We will hold a sharing session on what ideas exist in our community on how to support online groups in the future as they participate in the service structure. Please come prepared to discuss how online groups are participating in districts and at the area.
If you would like to share additional ideas directly with the ad hoc committee for the participation of online groups, please fill out the form no later than Friday, October 6, 2023. 



District 04 Santa Clara North