NAATW Workshop Motion

That CNCA provide funding for one member of the Technology Committee to attend the Annual National AA Technology Workshop to be held September 8 through the 10 in Winchester, Virginia at a cost not to exceed $1500, and $135 for three members to attend virtually, for a total not to exceed $1635. -Presented by the CNCA Technology Committee

Houskeeping Motion at the ACM 6/24/23


Q: There is an established history of the web committee being sent to the NAATW, is that also being established for the tech committee? A: Yes, that is the intention. This is only the second year of existence for the tech committee. The NAATW would be a valuable experience for the attendee, particularly connecting with other areas who are dealing with problems like our area and finding solutions.

Q: Have you considered one person from either Tech or Web committee attending in person and someone from the other committee attending online? A: The Area Chair requested only questions about the wording or intent of the motion.

Outcome: Voted by simple majority to become New Business at the Area Committee Meeting on July 22, 2023

New Business at the ACM on 8/26/23

Group consciences:
Personal opinions:
This isn’t a budgeted line item, and we don’t have the money.

The finance committee discussed this. Concept Twelve, Warranty Two, discusses the prudent reserve and how it protects us from financial difficulties. However, these reassurances can’t be taken as a basis to abandon the policy of financial prudence. We are already sending someone from our web committee to NAATW. We wonder if sending another member to the workshop is prudent, considering it’s a hybrid event. Perhaps the committees could take turns attending and share information obtained.

I’ve attended the NAATW in person and online. They do a great job with hybrid functionality. There is a wonderful value in attending something in person. We passed a motion to fund people to do hybrid. You learn best to do hybrid by seeing what’s done in the room, not online. There is great value in sending a member of the tech committee. Whether or not that’s prudent this year, I think it should be a budgeted line item. This committee should be treated as other committees.

At this event, ten workshops are about technology, and three are about websites. The language of the heart and conversations in the hallways in person will benefit the area. If this motion passes, I’d want to attend the workshop “The Pressing Need for Pre-Production Planning for Hybrid Events.” No one from the web committee is going in person this year. // We heard this in June under housekeeping motions for a higher cost for one person in-person and three virtual. Is this an amended motion?

There was an error on the cost in the June Comments, which was corrected. The motion, as stated today, is the correct amount.

I went to the NAATW last year in Seattle. You learn more in the conversations and connections made in person. Zoom isn’t going away.

The motion was fast-tracked to Old Business.
Vote by substantial unanimity: 29 in favor, 5 against.
There was no minority opinion.
Outcome: Motion passed 8/26/23

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