Funding for Word Count Competition

That CNCA purchase the Panel 73 assembly word count competition prizes from the AA Grapevine store, effective May 14th, 2023, at a total cost not to exceed $174. – Presented by CNCA Recording Secretary,Sarah B, and CNCA Literature/Grapevine/La Viña Chair, Matt E

Housekeeping Motion at the ACM 7/22/23

Presentation: The intent is to encourage interaction with the minutes and supporting Grapevine. This covers the entire panel’s expenses for prizes, starting with the 2023 Post -Conference Assembly and excepting the 2024 Fall Election Assembly. The maximum cost of each prize is approximately a one year print subscription ($28.97) rounded up to $30. Questions: 

Q: What if there’s a tie and two people win? 

A: We would figure it out; perhaps whoever submits first. 

There was an objection. 

Outcome: Housekeeping will become New Business at the Area Committee Meeting on August 26, 2023.

New Business at the ACM 9/30/23

Group consciences: None.
Personal Opinions:
I don’t see how this helps the alcoholic who still suffers. It sounds like a raffle for prizes, and the area wants to buy prizes to give out. I have questions about whether this meets our primary purpose or not.

I didn’t bring this up at my district because I didn’t think the dollar amount was worthy of our time at the district. I think this makes sense. In the DCMC sharing session, we discussed our three legacies of Recovery, Unity, and Service. This motion falls within the Unity side of the triangle, which is “For God’s sake, can’t we please just have fun?” It’s a small amount to have some fun. We ask groups to contribute to the Area, whether times are tough or good. Every dollar someone puts into the basket matters. I don’t think it’s principled to ask for contributions for prizes.

I appreciate the effort to have engagement in General Service. But given so much scrutiny last month about dollars spent, I question whether this is the best use of our funds now.

I always go back to “Is this necessary?” In my district, we always look to the Area for guidance. As an Area, are we setting a good example of how we’re spending our group money? If we do it here, they might do it there. We’re getting off the principle of spending money where it should go and not frivolously.

I introduced this motion and wanted to provide some context. The purpose of this motion is to support the Grapevine and incorporate some fun into doing that. I paid for the first prize of the competition, and the person who won elected to use the money to contribute to the Carry the Message Project so that an alcoholic who wants a subscription to the Grapevine can have one. That’s something I was planning on suggesting to each winner of the prize. It’s not part of the motion, but that was the intent underneath it.

The prize is not a trip to Hawaii or a night at the Claremont Hotel. In our District, we tried something similar. We did a small trivia quiz, and the winners received registration for PRAASA ($25). One of the people who won went to PRAASA.

Motion will become Old Business at the Area Committee Meeting on October 28, 2023.

Old Business at ACM 10/28/23

Group consciences: None.
Personal Opinions:
I object to competition in our business.

Is this $174 a month? A year? We heard that GSO in New York is digging into their budgetary area. Our Area has allocated a lot of money in the past three months that hasn’t gone to New York. Are we being prudent with our group’s money?
This is for the remainder of the panel. It includes previous competitions for which the recording secretary has used her own funds to buy subscriptions through Carry the Message on behalf of the winners of previous competitions. It’s just for assemblies, starting with the 2023 Post Conference.

I enjoy participating, but I don’t think many people are participating. If a lot of people participate, it would make it more worthwhile.

Q: Will the winner be encouraged to donate their subscription to those in custody?
A: So far, the winners have been presented with the option to buy a book or a subscription, as well as encouraged to consider buying a print subscription for Carry the Message, which is a gift certificate used to provide a print subscription to someone who wants one and can’t afford it. It’s often used for people in correctional facilities.

This area has voted to spend hundreds of dollars on food at every assembly and every area committee meeting for donuts and coffee. We spend money on rent for multiple sharing sessions, a Zoom account, and interpretation. We spend a lot of money. Our budget is $100,000+ per year. We can’t contribute to the Grapevine because it doesn’t accept direct contributions. The only way Grapevine accepts contributions is through subscriptions. As a former recording secretary, I appreciate the time it takes to write minutes (4-6 hours per month) so that maybe ten people will read it. I understand and support the motion. This is not a big-budget item. A few months ago, I said, “If we vote on this, we will have to reduce expenses.” That was $10,000; this is $174.

Q: What is the game?
A: Before an assembly and up until a week after, anyone can email the recording secretary with a guess of the word count of the business meeting minutes. Whoever gets closest is the winner. Three to six people have participated each time.

Motion will remain Old Business at the Area Committee Meeting on November 18, 2023.

Old Business at ACM 11/18/23

District/group consciences: None.
Personal Opinions: None.
The Chair took a sense of the room and determined the body was ready to vote. A vote was taken, and it was determined that the motion would be decided by a simple majority (33 for simple majority and 5 for substantial unanimity). Vote by simple majority in favor of the motion. 29 for and 10 against.
The minority opinion was heard: I read a book about the traditions that mentioned teddy bears being offered at a meeting. This seems along those lines. Having a contest in this regard is against our principles.
Motion passed.

District 04 Santa Clara North