Digital Radios for CNCA

That CNCA 06 purchase 120 digital radios at a cost not to exceed $2,800.00. – Presented by the CNCA Interpretation and Translation Committee

Presentation of New Business at the ACM 5/27/23

Presentation: Jose L, Chair of I&T presented. The committee discussed how we ran out of radios at the assemblies and members without radios could not understand what was going on. There are radios that break down at every event. The headphone jacks are not compatible. The bid is based on what we have and what we know works. We want to ensure that everyone can understand what is being said at CNCA events.


Q: Will these new radios have a higher volume than what’s in the room for assisted listening? A: We’ll set it up the way they are set up right now. We didn’t know the assisted listening volume was down. That’s probably the transmitter, not the radio. We can adjust it.

Q: Are they going to be comparable with the other ones? A: This is to renew the inventory we have. The count is based on the number of people that ran out of radios at the assemblies.

Q: Did I hear that these are for Spanish-speaking people only? A: No, they will be available to anyone that needs interpretation. Assisted listening is for people present in the room, usually English-speaking.

Q: Did you say that this is a different brand of radio or are you buying the same ones that are breaking down, specifically in relation to the headphones not matching? A: The proposed amount is based on the digital radios that we currently have. We know that they last.

Q: Is this rechargeable or does it need batteries? A: The committee has discussed this. The difficulty with rechargeable radios is having to recharge a large volume of radios for a twoday assembly. These take two AAA batteries.

Q: $23.33 per radio seems high. Have you investigated lower-cost radios? A: This assessment is based on what we have and has proved to cover our needs. We can potentially reduce the cost by ordering in bulk, but we want to present this request as is to be ready for the next assembly.

Q: Does $2800 include the transmitter? A: No, just the radios.

New Business at the ACM 6/24/23

Discussion: Group Consciences: None.

Personal opinions: I’m a member of the committee and we’ve been testing several radios that would offer a substantial saving over what is presented in the motion.

Outcome: Motion to become Old Business at the Area Committee Meeting on July 22, 2023.

Old Business at the ACM 7/22/23


Group Consciences: None.

Personal opinions: None.

Outcome: Vote by substantial unanimity in favor. 36 in favor; 3 against; 2 abstentions. No minority opinion was expressed. The motion passed.

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