Conducting Business Meetings

A collection of resources for assisting your group in running efficient business meetings.

Business Meeting Format from the A.A. Group Pamphlet

In most groups, the chairperson or another officer calls the business meeting, which ordinarily is held on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

While some groups may occasionally permit non-members to attend, the group may request that only home group members participate or vote. The order of business may include: electing new officers; scheduling meetings; receiving and discussion the treasure’s periodic financial reports; hearing progress reports from the general service representative [GSR] and other group servants; and apportioning excess funds among local intergroup, G.S.O. and the area and district treasuries. 

Before a vote is taken, it is essential that the members be given all facts relevant to the subject at hand. In many cases, a few members may be asked to look into the pros and cons of the issue and present them at the meeting. Arriving at an informed group conscience in big matters or small is a process that may take some time. But it is important that minority, or dissenting, views be heard along with those of the majority. In some instances they may even turn the tide. 

Business meetings generally are scheduled before or after the group’s regular meeting. They tend to be informal, but custom varies from group to group. Some groups have tried observing Robert’s Rules of Order, a parliamentary procedure for running smooth meetings, only to find that many members are inexperienced in the procedure and feel too intimidated to speak up. Besides, there is the spiritual nature of our Fellowship, embodied in our Traditions and Concepts, which give ample guidance. 

-p. 30 The A.A. Group…where it all begins (P-16)

Additional Business Meeting Formats

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