Safety Committee

The purpose of the safety committee is to provide resources, including online material, and other resources for groups in District 04 so that they can better identify and address safety issues. To conduct events to increase awareness about what safety issues exist and how to address them. To foster communication that exemplifies the principles of Love and Tolerance.

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Subcommittee on Safety from Sexual Predation & Harassment

Safety Material

Newcomers are approaching AA at the rate of tens of thousands yearly. They represent almost every belief and attitude imaginable. We have atheists and agnostics. We have people of nearly every race, culture and religion. In AA we are supposed to be bound together in the kinship of a common suffering. Consequently, the full individual liberty to practice any creed or principle or therapy whatever should be a first consideration for us all. Let us not, therefore, pressure anyone with our individual or even our collective views. Let us instead accord each other the respect and love that is due to every human being as he tries to make his way toward the light. Let us always try to be inclusive rather than exclusive; let us remember that each alcoholic among us is a member of AA, so long as he or she so declares.

 – Bill Wilson, Toronto International Convention, 1965.

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